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Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you struggle to find time to exercise?
Do your workouts lack variety?
You dont understand the fat loss protocols?
Don't like intimidating gyms?
Constantly feeling run down with no energy?
Confused as too what foods you should be eating?
If any of the above ring true to home, then we are here to tell you..

You are not ALONE

Hey There Friend

Im Brett Campbell & Together with my Beautiful  
Partner Emily, we want to share with you, exactly why we have created the BBSU Circuit Protocols System.

The year 2012 has been a massive and very exciting year. WHY?

Let me explain:

At the start of the year we sat down and set our goals moving forward. 
We had decided we wanted to help 100 000 females achieve the body of their dreams via our advice, guidance and our workout systems by 2020.

We are so proud to announce that 10 months into our 8 year goal, we have already achieved what we set out. 

Our systems, and our scientifically researched information has already reached over 300 000 females and we continually provide cutting edge information on a weekly basis.

With all the great feedback we receive, we understand the importance of needs, but more importantly the importance that needs, need to be met. 

And this puts us in a very cool position to be able to do something special

The BBSU Circuit Protocols System is truly one of a kind. 
Look at how it helped Shannon 

As a fitness professional, Author, Coach and mentor, to hundreds of other fitness professionals, I am yet to see anything close to this entire system.

I am a big believer in the saying, it is meant to be.

If you are reading this page then there is a reason for it.

We just want you to know that it is not your fault that you do not currently have the body your desire, and there is hope, let us show you why.

This is a MUST READ:  especially if you have ever struggled to melt away unwanted body fat.

The Hormone Protocols

Think of Hormones as being like the mail-man, they act like the messengers from your organs to your cells within your body.

In this report we will be looking at 3 different hormones in particular and how they affect your fat loss journey.

Our first hormone is what we call: 

#1 Cortisol 

The primary function of Cortisol is to increase the amino acid supply to the liver when there are low levels present. 

According to Dr Janet Star: When Cortisol is secreted, it creates the following:

1. A breakdown of muscle protein, leading to the release of amino acids (which are the "building blocks" of protein) into the bloodstream.

2. These amino acids are then used by the liver to synthesize glucose for energy, in a process called gluconeogenesis.

3. This process raises the blood sugar level so the brain will have more glucose for energy. 

4. At the same time, the other tissues of the body decrease their use of glucose as fuel. 

5. Cortisol also leads to the release of so-called fatty acids, an energy source from fat cells, for use by the muscles. 

Taken together, these energy-directing processes prepare the individual to deal with stresses and ensure that the brain receives adequate energy sources.

Too much of this hormone however can lead to terrible outcomes:

Fat storage and more specifically belly fat storage & Muscle breakdown, yes Cortisol will breakdown all that hard earned muscle, and as we know, it is the muscle that helps us burn body fat.

A study in the American journal of physiology reported that:

“higher Cortisol levels in overweight adolescents also contribute to increased trunk fat and higher lipid levels”

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, and I am not just speaking about being stressed out because you are late to a meeting, I am talking about all types of stressors such as:

Physical - often occurs when you are over training, or have muscle imbalances

Chemical - this can be caused by chemical products we use, such as cleaning products and personal care items

Nutritional - this is caused by poor food quality, but most of the time poor food choices, such as highly proceed and high saturated fat choices

Electromagnetic - this is caused by the lack of, or to much sunlight

Thermal - this is how your body maintains its internal temperature 
Now your probably reading this hoping for an answer, on how we can reduce excess Cortisol?
And like every great movie there is a Good Guy and A Bad Guy
In this case, the good guy is the Hormone we call GH, no not the hair straightener.

#2 Growth Hormone

GH is what we refer to as growth hormone, also know as the fountain of Youth.
Studies have shown that overweight people have lower GH levels and high Cortisol levels than lean individuals.
So the job of the overweight person is to simply increase GH and lower Cortisol.

Shabamm its as easy as that…
Hold on Brett… there is more to it, isn’t there?

Well, yes, a little bit more….

But its great news,

By manipulating a few of the fat loss protocols, we can actually promote GH release during our training, so we can burn fat faster, and more importantly shape up that waistline. 

HOW do we do it?

Great question.

Lets keep it simple. 

We want to manipulate our training in such a way that we will increase the amount of GH we release..

For this to take place we will use a training strategy, where our primary aim is to promote maximum Lactic acid production.

But what is Lactic Acid?

Another great question.

Latic acid is a by-product of exercising, in technical terms, it is all to do with the breakdown of fuels and the conversion processes it goes through.

But in plain English, it is what many people refer to, as the burn, the point in where you can no longer maintain strict exercise form and you need to stop.

In the BBSU Circuit Protocols, we have specifically designed workouts that will elicit maximum GH as humanly possible.

One of the many variables we manipulate is called “tempo”

Tempo is what we refer to as, the speed in which you complete your specific movements.

By manipulating the concentric (shortening phase) and the eccentric (lengthening phase) and of course using advantageous positions, we are able to maximize GH release.

And the last remaining Hormone is:

#3 Testosterone


Isn’t that the man hormone, that builds big bulky muscles, hairy faces and that embarrassing first moment, when your voice breaks half way through your first ever class presentation?

NOTE: This will NOT happen

Although the above may be some what true, according to Dr Susan Rako, she believes testosterone is as much a womens sex hormone as it is a mans. 

The difference here is that Men's bodies generate more than twenty times more testosterone than women, an average of seven milligrams per day. 

Women, via mainly their ovaries and adrenal glands, make a tiny three tenths of one milligram of testosterone per day. (hence why you will never wake up looking like Arnold Swartzgoverner)

But it may come as a surprise to know that women's ovaries primarily produce testosterone, from which estrogen (what we call the female hormone) is then made. 

Estrogen can be blamed for excess fat around the top part of your legs and of course that dreaded butt

This ovarian production accounts for one-quarter of the total circulating testosterone in a woman's body. 

On the flip side, men's bodies produce their own all-womanly estrogen, converted by their tissues from their all-manly testosterone, hence the term Man Boobs..

Testosterone is known as the hormone of desire

In his book The Hormone Of Desire, Rako maintains 

"testosterone is the hormone most critically implicated in the maintenance of libido, or sexual desire, in women just as it is men, furthermore helping aid in weight loss’

So there it is, lets start generating more testosterone.

So how do we do that?

Well, its your lucky day.

Once again we can manipulate our training protocols to achieve greater testosterone release.

Here are 3 ways on how to produce more testosterone in your workouts

But more importantly how to reduce that stubborn thigh and butt fat.

1- Active Recovery

Active recovery is a strategy we implement in between sets to achieve maximum hormonal advantage.

2- Manipulate rest periods

This is probably the most missed protocol of them all. 

When you are following the BBSU circuit Protocols, there will be no standing around checking your face book page in between exercise of sets, it will only be strategic rest period ranging from 15, 30, 45 and sometimes 90 seconds rest.

When it comes to releasing hormones, rest periods play a much bigger part than most people think

3- Exercise Selection 

Here is a 2 for 1, by choosing the best types of exercise, you will be generating the best bang for buck possible.

Full body movements are perfect for eliciting testosterone, and example exercise could be a

MAN MAKER.This particular exercise involves multiple exercises in one.
Ie: you start in a standing position holding 2 d/b you proceed to the floor and continue to do a d/b row on each arm, you then stand back up to your starting position and then do a d/b squat then continuing into a shoulder press, that’s 1 rep…


No problems, because the BBSU Circuit protocols system takes all of these variables into account.

Introducing The BBSU Circuit Protocols ONLINE Workout System

Component 1- Strategically Designed Hormonal Response Circuit Workouts ($97 Value)

These workouts are designed to combat those nasty hormones we talk about in the above article, with strategically designed sets, reps, tempo, and of course exercise selection, these workouts are a fun, challenging results driven experience

We also include images of each exercise displaying the start and finish position of each exercise.

Component 2 – The Complete FOLLOW along ONLINE Workout Videos ($197 Value)

Join Brett as he takes Emily through her paces, pointing out correctional cues so you can ensure you are doing the exercises correctly, and achieving maximum results.

Online Workout Video 1: Luscious Lean Legs

This workout is designed to sculpt and carve a set of sexy looking legs, so you can feel confident wearing the shorter skirt over the ankle high version.

Online Workout Video 2: Primal Instinct

The exercise in this workout are named after certain primates due to there movement patters, you will be introduced to, Ducks, Bears, Emu, Birds, Dogs and more. Not only is this workout challenging, it is Fun and most of all, designed for a full body makeover 

Online Workout video 3: Termanatrix

The name of this workout is derived from 2 very famous action movies, can you pick it? 

If not no problems, all you need to know is that this workout is designed to have you looking like a real life super hero, like the Cat Women or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Component 3 – Assessment Tracker’s ($67 Value)

This module alone could be a totally different product in itself.

Complete with 5 different trackers to help keep you on track and achieve the best results possible.

Daily Food Planner & Tracker

Goal Setting Made Easy

Visual Goal Aid

Results Progress Tracker

Weekly Adherence Tracker
Studies have shown that by using a food diary alone, resulted in 2x greater fat loss than the group who never.

Component 4 – Mental Magic ($97 Value)

This is what I call the light bulb module.

Before starting any challenge in life, we need to create balance. 

This module will guide you through the steps, to create the balance in your life, needed to achieve your new Sexy Bikini Body.

It also comes with an interactive exercise template.

Component 5 - Scientific Supplements ($67 Value)

One of the most asked questions we get via our Vip members is, “what supplements should I be taking” and to make this as easy as possible we have designed Scientific Supplements.

We have taken the science and delivered it to you in an easy to read format.

We review studies and find real reasons why we should take a certain supplement.

So after reading this report, backed by proven scientific evidence you will have an understanding on what is good, but more importantly WHY!

Component 6- Warm Up Protocols ($37 Value)

In these 2 follow along videos, 
Emily takes you through 2 of our favorite warm-ups that will prepare you for your workout of the day.

Bonus 1 - The Ghd ($27 Value)

This workout has nothing to do with the GHD hair straightener, sorry ladies :) 

This workout is designed to produce higher levels of Growth Hormone, the best possible hormone we could produce when it comes to burning body fat and building lean sexy muscle.

We manipulate certain workouts variables to produce this greater than normal response.

Bonus 2 – 21 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan ($97 Value)

This meal plan has been designed for the Circuit Protocols System. (never seen before)

It comes complete with 21 days of nutritious, tasty meals that you can easily repeat at the end of a cycle. 

This module also comes complete with a list of the most FAQ'S we receive from thousands of members, which will help you manipulate this meal plan to suit your desires.
Normally $97  

 Only - $47.00

Who is this Online Workout System For?

If you are sitting there wondering if this system is for you or not, take a look.

This system is for the following people:

Stay at home Mom

The Gym Goer

The Busy Person

The person who doesn’t know what to do when it comes to exercise

The person who is confused by all the conflicting information out there

The person who is sick and tired of saying I will start tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes

The person who is looking for a fun, challenging workout system that will give you the desired result

The person who has currently hit a platue and needs a good kickstart to keep powering on

The person who doesn’t want to spend and waste money on gym memberships, that you don’t get the full benefit from

The person who wants an extremely cost effective method to losing that stubborn 5- 10- 20 kg of unwanted body fat

The person who struggles to find time to exercise and needs a time efficient results driven at home workout system 

But What If It Doesn't Work?

We want to take any hassle out of this decision for you, and to show you how confident we are in this entire system.

Yes I Want the BBSU Circuit Protocols ONLINE System NOW

Normally $97

 Only - $47.00

To Your Bikini Body
Brett & Emily

ps: this is no sale tactic and I am sure you would agree, the value provided in this System could sell for 3-5 x more than what we are offering it to you for. So with that in mind once a certain number of copies are sold, we will be raising the price. So get it now while its still very cost effective.

pps: Remember, with the Money-Back, 100% Risk-free Guarantee you've nothing to lose. If our proven system doesn't deliver for your case, you get your money back. So make the decision now to finally get the lean, sexy body you've always wanted. 
It's within your reach! You only have to click here, and you're on your way

But I Still Have More Questions?

Is this for Beginner people as well?

Of course it is. In the workout videos Brett explains some variations you can do if the exercise is to hard.

Remember this is a complete system, it covers Nutrition, Exercise and Mindset. You will be very hard pressed to find a system like it anywhere.

Each workout has different protocols for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced trainee.

We didn't want to miss anyone.

I already have the BBSU first edition, do i need this as well?

If you are still using the Bikini Body Shape Up System, then we recommend you finish it first, then move onto Circuit protocols. 

Each program complements each other. We would however recommend you get the
BBSU Circuit Protocol System now while it is still at its PRE Launch Special Price.

How long is this program designed for?

This particular program is for a full 6 weeks, once you reach the 6 weeks it would be recommended to change up your workouts, of course after that you can use these workouts again in a alternating fashion. Some people can get 8-10 weeks out of this system.

I want to get started now, do i have to wait for it to be shipped to me? 

No, All products are downloadable, no physical products will be shipped to your home. This will keep the cost down for you and provide you with immediate access to get started sooner.  

I have already got many workout programs from other professionals why should I get yours?

Great question, as you may be aware that when it comes to exercise there is no single program that you can do forever, you need to adapt and change programs as your body will just get too used to it, ie: you will all of a sudden feel as if you have hit a platue, this is because your body is to used to the exercise program, which means, (time for a change) this 6 week program could even be extended to 8-10 weeks, depending on how your body adapts. 

As you are not a professional athlete, you don’t need to be changing your workouts every week. I am also a big believer on having many different workout programs, just like we have many different self help/ coaching books etc: shore the majority of them are crap but there are some real good ones, imagine if you only had 1 of them, you would be very limited on knowledge.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

A lot of this would depend on how much you have to lose in the first place, but our average results of participants is 4-6kg, with some even up to 10-16kg in the 6 week period. 

But I All ready Have A Meal Plan?

That’s cool, this system is not just a meal plan, and definitely not just guidelines,  this is a comprehensive assortment of everything you need, when it comes to achieving that dream body. 

This is not a set of guidelines, you get a full 3 week menu plan that tells you everything to eat, but even better, you can swap and change meals as you please.

We cover the workouts, nutrition and of course the mindset. Now I don’t know of any other Bikini Body program out there that covers all these facets. In fact I would go on the record to say, there is no program out there that is as full proof as the Bikini Body Shape Up Workout range.

How do I know where to start?

That is the exact reason why we have created the step by step “everything you need to know guide” you can order the program NOW and be started within the hour. 

We guide you through step -1 through to step – Bikini Body
I am not in my 20s or 30s, will I still be able to do the workouts?

I have a personal private client that is in her late 40s do these workouts, in fact she loves them that much she wanted to write a review about them.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Then it's all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the BBSU Circuit Protocol System exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT lose body fat, and do not see the true VALUE provided, just contact us and we'll refund your money.  It's that simple.

We stand behind our product as the best Bikini Body Program (value for money) ever created, and if doesn't yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back. 
Talk soon.

Normally $97

Only - $47.00 


 NOTE: This is a completely downloadable series of video files and pdf documents. No physical products will be shipped to your home. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the video workouts onto your computer. The video files can be viewed on Mac or PC and I'll show you exactly how to view your workouts so you can start right away.